Eyelash glue causing me headaches


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I’ve just trained to be an eyelash tech and love it,

however I keep getting headaches from the glue, I know I’m starting off and I take a lot longer but it gives me such a bad headache.
Any advise? Recommendations?

Many thanks


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Take a look at Ravair. The wall mounted fume extractor has a special carbon filter that will remove " Adhesive Glues associated with eyelash extensions etc (Cyanoacrylate) and Fully meets HSE Coshh SR13 regulations" These fumes are very dangerous especially long term and will, almost certainly damage your health.

Samantha Sona

Ethical Beauty - Australia
Some lash techs wear disposable face masks. Have you tried those? Also Lash Box LA sell a gel in a pot which helps with allergies to glue.


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I wear a mask but only to cover my mouth. I may try it over my nose as well. Yes a well ventilated area is needed I think.
Thank you xxx