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Apr 18, 2012
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Tyne and Wear
Hi ladies, this is an after thought....
I had a ladie in enquire about a patch test for eyelash perm. I did her patch test with the perm behind one ear and the glue/neutraliser behind other ear.

Anyway she was booked in 1 and half weeks later obviously with test being fine. However when I was applying perm etc she was chatting away saying how she had the oddest reaction to a new shower gel she tried. Obviously as I was sitting at the head of the couch. I noticed jet arms all flared up.
I panicked and thought had this been the patch test and I've took for granted as she didn't class this as a reaction to the product behind her ear....and kept her apt. (My advise is to cancel if they believe they react to patch test)
Maybe over reacting as she hasn't been in touch since her ELP but it makes you think.......

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