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Hi Geeks, I have come across a bit of a problem, I tinted my daughters lashes this eve, but as she is allergic to vaseline I used an alternative and hoped for the best....well she has ended up with a little staining and I don't have tint remover as I've never needed it. Is there anything else which I could use to lessen or remove the stains?
Thanks, Lou x


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This can happen occasionally but it should be gone by the morning. I would be loathe to use anything like tint remover around the lashes in case it gets into the eyes .. unless anyone else comes along and says its safe. I just wipe firmly around the lashes with dmp cotton wool pads.



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I have a tint remover- it doesn't work!

I just use Barrier cream round a larger area now.

Try Shea Butter- L'Occitane do a great 1 and you can use it for loads of things- hair treatment, cuticles, lips etc.

It's pure and was also the only thing to cure my daughters eczema when she was a baby.

L'OCCITANE en Provence - Search Result

QVC also sell it


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I haven't tried it but I have heard just normal milk will reduce the staining on the skin.

Baby wipes also help get rid of it!! I use tint remover on the lashes if necessary but always make sure the cotton bud is not flooding with the solution I always wipe on a tissue to get rid of excess before going near the eye. Learnt from experience at college!!

Facial toner :)
Only a small amount and wipe gently...works a treat!

Kayleigh xx

I also use facial toner and it works excellently! :)


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Brilliant thank you ladies, will try using shea butter as a barrier next time. It had almost disappeared yesterday morning. Just glad it was my daughter, but I will know what to do should the situation arise again and it has spurred me to source a more natural barrier.


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I use my jasmine oil that i use for waxing apply a small amount to a cotton pad, it soon removes the staining.

Milk does work ... Used it in the salon when someone spilt the stain remover :)