Eyelash tint


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Hi, asking for some advice. I have a lady who about 14 years ago had her eyelashes fall out due to stress. I've tinted her eyebrows today and she has asked if there was anything I could do to make her eyelashes look better/stand out (they are quite fair). She doesn't seem to keen on eyelash extensions, but asked about whether tinted them would be ok?
She's had no problems with them since, would you go head and tint them or tell her to keep using mascara?
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Yes I would go ahead and tint if the client had been coming a long time. Obviously patch test the desired colour because it will probably have to be blue/ black which has more potential to cause a sensitivity reaction.
If she was a new lady I might not feel that I could work with her as she could be a bit of a risk and not so easily trusted: if that makes sense.
You know your client, I am sure you will make the right decision. She does sound nice though so good luck.


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I would go ahead and tint.
If you offer lash lifting, I would recommend that maybe after you have done the tinting a few times to see how she likes it


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I was trained with Refectocil.