Eyelash tinting prior to eye surgery!


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Hi everyone,

I think I have been over precautious? I had a call this morning from a lady who is due to have eye surgery on the 12th March and has been advised by the surgeon that she won't be able to wear makeup for 3 weeks afterwards. She asked if I would tint her lashes the week prior to the surgery, I did say 2 weeks prior would probably be best and could she consult her surgeon just to check, she said she would but that the local opticians had said it would be alright a week before. I am waiting to hear back from her, what is everyone else's thoughts on this? First time I have had an enquiry like this.... like I say I think I was over precautious :confused:.

Many thanks

Sharon xxx


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I would do it up to the day before as there is no reason I can think of not to, then it will last the full time, this is unless she has a contagious eye condition. As the optician has advised a week before though follow his/her guidance. I am sure the surgeon will see no problem. Just wait to hear from her. Don't forget the patch test. :hug:


I too agree that there's no real reason why you couldn't do them the day before, as long as any patch testing is done as usual a day or two prior and the result is negative.

Tinting shortly after an operation would be an issue, but not before in my opinion.



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If she wants to, she can phone up the place she's getting it done and ask them to check with the surgeon. I found the staff at the place I had it done very helpful indeed, even if I thought I was asking a stupid question. But if she doesn't want to do that, then do as the optician has recommended and do it a week before.


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Hi girls, thanks for the advice. I was worried that being apprehensive had lost me the client but she called me in the week and has booked. She spoke to the surgeon and he advised the week before. Thanks once again.:)