Best eyelash training?

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Looking for some help and advice :)

I am a fulyl qualified beauty therapist, I currently work in a salon which offers LVL and I'm looking to advance my skills into Lash extensions. I plan on providing lash treatments possibly in salon but in my spare time and weekends.

I have looked into training with both Nouveaulash and lash perfect. Does anyone have any other trainers I should look into?
What kit would you recommend getting when training? Basic kit for starting off and adding to with most popular lashes or full kit so I get a understanding and feel for using all different lengths and thickness.

Also,any current Lash technicians are you able to tell me if you have stuck with the products from the supplier you trained with or you mix and match which various different makes? for example,Lashes, primer, under eye pads and Glues etc.

Thank you in advance.


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I trained with Nouveau and paid for the gold kit and it was well worth the money. the only things i've changed is eye pads, lash brushes and i changed from glue rings to a jade stone.