Face painting


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Where is the best place to buy face paint from ? I have been asked to do some face painting at my sons school fete but all the current paints they have need replacing and I have no idea where to get it from other than ebay.


I do face painting everything I have is by snazaroo its really good stuff you can get it on there website but I just get it off amazon its a bit cheaper usually x

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I second snazaroo! Used to do a lot on my girls and for school fetes so I have a pretty big collection... Which is now sat gathering dust as my girls have outgrown it & I now do nails at school fetes instead!

It is great even on sensitive skin and so easy to work with. It is a little more expensive but so worth it. I think you can get some little start up kits in a boz from eBay for a reasonable price. Hth

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