Facebook: Pages and Groups? I'm confused!

I'm really sorry but I'm so confused by Facebook. Been on it for ages, but I still don't understand the difference between a facebook page and a group. And I don't understand which is better to create for my mobile business?

If anyone can clear this confusion up for me I'd be extremely grateful:hug:


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My understanding is that you "join" a group whereas a "page" you like.
By what I have read people say you are more likely to get people to "like" your page than "join" your group.

With a page when you write something on your wall it appears on your likers wall, not sure if this happens with groups.

With a group you can send all your friends a message.

I created a group a few years ago for the salon I rent my room in, but now I really would like to create a page for just me now that I have my website & separate name "Beauty By Emma" :biggrin: but dont what to appear that I am being "funny" - so still havent done one.

If you do a search on here there is lots to help you out. That will probably make more sense than I have :lol:

Hope that helps hun x:hug:x

That's brilliant, thanks, much clearer now.:hug: