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I am looking for opinions on products to use for facials. I have samples of Crystal Clear and Eve Taylor, I like both but I’m leaning towards Crystal Clear. Does anyone have any experience with the products & training? I did a search & found some posts but they were a couple of years ago. Also, I’m getting myself all confused about certain products. I thought that as therapists we use professional products that aren’t available to everyone. But I have seen that Dermalogica is now available on Next online, along with Elemis, Decleor, Orly. And then Clarins is available in high street stores. So I guess my question is what is a professional brand exactly? And should I be put off if clients can get it themselves? I really fancy trying Nimue but I am only Level 2 qualified (I haven’t been able to do Level 3 this year because of childcare issues), and they say you need to have a Level 3 certificate. Thank you in advance for any info, thoughts, opinions, advice x


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I'm no expert, as I am still in training for level 2 beauty therapy. But we use Eve Taylor and they are fabulous products. Eve is the brains behind Dermalogica product blending and decided to start her own brand also back in the 70s.

I found this on salongeek from a few years ago... it does tell a little about ET & Dermalogica.

Unfortunately, I can't comment on the other brand as I've never heard of it as I am still new to it all.

It's not the most informative reply, but I hope it helps xx


beaute naturelle
Thank you for your response, I will take a look at the link. X


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I have used Crystal Clear for a number of years. I originally trained in their microdermabrasion.
I find them good to use - good effective products and you don't have to take on all their ranges.
I have Crystal Clear for my anti-ageing & expensive micro-current facials and Kaeso for my manual facials.
Crystal Clear retails at a much higher price and I promote it as a technologically advanced range.
Kaeso retails at a much lower affordable price and I promote it as a natural range based on botanical and essential oil extracts.


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Thank you so much for your reply. I have been in touch with Crystal Clear and they were very helpful and informative. I hope you don’t mind me asking, when you did the Microdermabrasion training with Crystal Clear did you have to be Level 3 trained? And do you still offer the Microdermabrasion treatment? Thank you in advance x


beaute naturelle
Hi everyone. Just an update on my quest to find skincare products for my facials
Thank you for all of your input and advice!
I have decided to go with Crystal Clear and I am enrolled onto the training in February - I am so excited
Love to you all