Facials position backache


Hello, I’m just looking for some advice please. Since doing facials, especially during the massage part of the neck & shoulders it’s killing my back! I think it’s because I must be leaning over too much, can anyone give any advice on how to stop this? I’ve tried raising my couch but nothing has changed. I’ve began thinking it could be if the client is too fa down the bed. Also do you always keep contact with the client? I know you are supposed to but even when getting product how do you rub it together in both hands without losing contact? Sorry if that sounds daft! I’m still very new and practising. Thank you x


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If I am performing the french facial technique I actually sit down behind the client . I have a saddle stool that fits neatly and an electric couch so that I can adjust to the perfect height .I was not trained this way, but as I am old now my neck has arthriric changes causing pins and needles , so anything to help this is a godsend.

There are natural interruptions during any massage , so as long as your movements are slow when you return to the client after reapplying oil/cream don't worry about that. However if the client is a nervous type then just do your best to minimise this.

Having your client really close to the top edge of the couch may also help you. Their head sometimes feels like it's very close to my lap if that makes sense. That is better for me so I am not over reaching.

Please do some back and neck strenghtening exercises so that you do all you can to keep yourself fit , and flexible perhaps take up yoga...just a thought.
You are very young compared to me so make a few changes to your positioning to help yourself and hopefully your body won't suffer for the sake of a few tweeks here and there.
Keep up with the good work !!
Rosie x