Fast Track Level 3 Beauty

Does anyone know any companies that offer funding for level 3 beauty on a fast track course??? I have a trainee who is 17 and looking for other options than full time college??


Have you checked local colleges for part time and evening courses?

I would look for an apprenticeship program with a provider. Good luck with it

Look for an apprenticeship where she can get the experience quickly.
As for a fast track course, no! Becoming a beauty therapist shouldn’t be about doing it quickly to to get in work and make money as I’ve noticed that’s the girls who make mistakes and can’t answer basic questions.
An apprenticeship where she is watched and asked about her theory and knowledge of products, equipment and treatments then yes anything less that than no!


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When I did Level 3 at college 3 years ago we only went into college 2 days a week even though it was classed as full time! Funding was available for this course too.