Favourite wax


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I’m looking to switch wax lines. I’ve used Lycon, I like it but it’s gotten expensive. I’m currently using Bella Kisse.


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Harley wax, very similar to Lycon but cheaper xx


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I’m trying lots of different hot waxes right now. I’ve been using Kim lawless, then tried a bag of Wax Expert (blue one), currently trying Ashmira (not as good as the blue Wax Expert). I’m finding ashmira goes brittle and doesn’t have the flexibility of the Expert Wax. I’ve got 3 different bags of outbacks organics to try too. I also plan to try Wax One. The only Peron Rigot one I’ve tried and found ok is euroblonde, I don’t like the cream ones, I find they drag and go brittle. I want to try flirtiest too and perhaps waxpert. If I’m honest, I haven’t found the more expensive waxes to be any better than some of the cheaper ones. I’ll keep sampling though!