Favourite wax?


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What are peoples favourites when it comes to waxing systems? I work in a spa where we use Lycon; I love their hot wax but know they only sell to people that have trained with them.

What would other people suggest as I'm planning on doing it from home. Is there much request for vegan wax?

Many thanks


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I have a few vegan clients and they have never even asked me about if the wax I use is vegan.

It's more about being cruelty free for them.


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For hot wax I use Oritree depilatory wax which contains pure bees wax, it is the BEST I would not use anything else and it’s natural, also doesn’t snap and is flexible if removed at the right time. As for strip wax I use, Just Wax normal soft wax and have done for years with a good old pot and spatula, I don’t get all the fancy pants and flavoured/ smelly waxes. This has served me and my clients well for years. as of yet I haven’t had any requests for vegan wax and I do a lot of waxing and intimate waxing.