Favourite Xmas nails so far!

My first free hand parcel- chuffed!! ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1323991180.008885.jpg


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Aww they are so pretty. Well done.:biggrin:

So pretty! Well done

They are very pretty, what did you use?

Well done xx

They are lovely. So pretty. How did you do the bow. xx

Lovely!! I went for ribbons too!


It was the opi Xmas mini colour kit , I painted on the bow and lines with opi white and a tiny nail art brush then lightly brushed over that with silver, it's soo xmasy in person really rich!xx🎄

Ps Lucy luv the 3 d effect of your bow!!

Ohh I'm going to post mine, did them tonight and I fancied doing something a little different so heres my Xmas nails I did tonight.



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