Feeling defeated

Claire Olsen

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Hello all! Really in need of some good advice! I’ve been doing hair for about 7 years now, and love every bit of it! My concern is when you get that one client who complains about everything you do and tells you “you should get rid of this stylist she’s worn out”. You really feel defeated in this sort of situation. I know everyone has these clients and I know what I’m capable of but it still makes you question your career. Any advice?


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....who wouldn’t be ‘worn out’ dealing with a misery like her!
Let it go - tomorrow’s another day


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More often than not the problem is with that client and individual not in your skills or your ability as a hairdresser. They may have issues and insecurities they are not dealing with and are taking it out on the stylist. That client will never be happy and I think it’s perfectly ok to professionally refuse to do their hair. You are not there to be ridiculed or verbally abuse by your clients or taken advantage of. Know your skills and your worth. Accept that clients opinion but don’t hold on to it that opinion doesn’t define you or your skills. Always remember and remind yourself why you do this career and the passion you have.


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Well, doesn't she sound charming...not.
Honestly, some people actually believe their opinion is important, but it really isn’t. o_O

Smile and inwardly eye roll and just carry on doing what you’re doing. Retrain yourself to focus on the positive compliments from all your lovely clients and ignore the odd moaner.

Just think, you don’t have to live with them! :p
If they weren’t making snide remarks to you, somebody in their poor family would have to bear the brunt of it. :(