feeling stupid!!


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Being pregnant seems to have stolen all my intelligence & I am having real trouble with colouring problems!!
I have been asked to colour full head brown with bright red flashes which I am fine with deciding on colours but what is the best way to apply??
If I do a full head colour then the red wont take so well will it as am I right in thinking tint wont lift tint. In which case I would have to colour full head, then bleach for the flashes, then colour them with the red? I would prefer not to take this route as I would rather not use the bleach on this hair.
So then is my best option to put the flashes in first & then apply colour all over?
Sorry my brain feels so muddled at the moment! lol!

do the foils first then apply brown after and then they'll develop at the same time


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Hi if the hair is darkish now pick out all your flashes

bleach them up to dark orange no lighter than orange
or you will get pink instead

wash off the bleach towel dry well then put the orange pieces back in
foils agian with the red crazy colour painted on

then put on a wella colour touch (as it can go on wet hair ) in the brown of your choice
poke the brown down well in between the foils at the roots then take though ends according to your own timings

when you wash it off , leave the red foils in place and rinse the dark off first,
then take off foils and rinse the red out last

hope this made sense :hug: minky x


You should try Majicontrast (loreal) its for base 5 or darker and lifts hair and adds tone without any bleach needed.
Shades available are:
Pure Copper
Magenta Red

They are very bright and a great idea as saves time of bleaching up first.