Finally going self employed...., what next ?


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Nov 6, 2005
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Hi guys.,
As usual I have come to my favourite place for advise :D I am taking voluntary redundancy from my office job at the end of July., and will be Level 2 qualified by the end of June. So I am biting the bullet and going to set myself up as a beauty therapist., I am going to also do the Level 3 from September. I would really prefer to have my own treatment room somewhere where peeps can come to me., but may have to start off mobile while I put the feelers out (which I will get onto asap once got some price lists/leaflets together) I am so excited., but scared also., I am a single parent but just know now is MY time and am seeing this as a totally new start. I have an A4 pad filled with ideas and things I need to be doing., the thing is I have 1000's of things going round my head and just don't know where to start or in what order I should be doing things..., obviously I need to decide wether I'm starting mobile or going to find a room to rent straight away if possible. So for all of you out there who have already taken the leap and done this., can you help me with an order of things to do and when to do them (if that makes sense) all advice would be much appreciated :)

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