First paying customer for lashes


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I had my first paying customer last night for classic lashes (one of my friends)

I had a real problem attaching lashes to her left eye, the lashes seamed to be straighter and some where pointing down wards even, so It took more time than needed to make the two eyes even, also whilst lashing this eye was flickering and it kept opening slightly, I could also tell she wanted to get up as well and made a comment about how much longer it was going to be (this was at 1hr 20 into it) it was a total nightmare!!

After I'd finished and showed her she just said hummm and that's pretty much all she said so it didn't leave me with any confidence that she liked them, she still paid for them at the agreed lower price as I'm a beginner £25.

Im now left wondering all sorts of things, should I not have charged her do I ask her about them and if she does not like them ask if she wants them removing or give the money back minus materials?

Any feedback would be gratefully received.


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She doesn’t sound like a great friend to be honest. Sounds like a bargain hunter who only wants a cheap deal and doesn’t care much about supporting you.

A good friend will want you to succeed in your business and will realise that you need the opportunity to practise on real clients in order to get proficient. A good friend will offer words of encouragement and won’t complain that you’re taking a long time to complete the service knowing that you’re only recently qualified.

As long as you make it clear that you’re charging a reduced price because you’re new and need the practise then don’t refund unless you made a major mistake.