First steps to becoming the me I want to be!


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Dear All,

I am currently a PA but as far as I can remember I have always wanted to do beauty.

I am looking at starting a part time beauty course and I have seen that LCBT offer a level 3 direct entry course which I can study around my job and 2 young kids.

Can someone let me know if this would be worthwhile.. are they any good? is there anywhere else you may recommend? The dream is to progress on to learning aesthetics and eventually do courses to enable me to teach it myself... its a long way off but I'm dreaming big

any advice or guidance on how to get started and what my first steps should be would be really appreciated! TIA XX


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Hi Tia,

What is it your trying to achieve by doing the Level 3 course? There are many short courses out there which can help you get in to the beauty industry and start making money straight away.... With some techniques some insurance companies with accept you to do aesthetics course after 6 months experience.


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I would look at which units you will study on this course. Which treatments will you be actually able to perform (and get insurance for) by the end of it?


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A Level 3 Beauty NVQ is generally a well recognised qualification but as @CFBS says, do check what units are included on the course and what treatments you can get insurance for at the end of it. If you want to get into aesthetics, you’re going to need proper time served qualifications such as NVQ’s or VRQ’s, not short courses, possibly also medical training in the longer term if you want to go down the prescribing route.

In the U.K., the beauty industry is largely unregulated but London borough councils (and several others) have brought in strict licensing requirements so it might be worth checking what the rules are with them, to ensure that the courses you are considering meet those requirements.


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I would go with courses that have good reviews and are well regarded in the industry. I would rather take the time to learn the craft inside and out and be the best at your game, knowing that there are so many other people offering exactly the same treatments - theres a lot of competition out there! Personally I would take your time to research what is going to teach you the most.

So many people are doing one day courses now, that I think it sets you apart if you do something more in depth.
I do skincare now, but I originally did the full level 2 and 3 NVQ beauty therapy. I have no regret that I did the NVQ first, as I get many clients wanting to know what my qualifications are, where I trained, where I've worked and where I started out etc and quite right when they're handing over £150 for a facial. Rightly or wrongly, I know it helps me gain clients. I'm not saying you can't be good if you do one day courses, but personally I would do what is going to make you the best.