First time facial


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Hi girls, I will be experiencing a luxury facial for the first time next week as my sister in law and I are going on a much needed spa day! Cannot wait! I am however concerned that it will bring me out in spots?I have combination skin and get the odd spot here and there mainly on my chin and when I get them they are under the skin like boils and there is no way of covering them! My skin is clear at the moment and of course Id like to keep it that way as I absolutely hateeee them!!!!!!! lol.
My question is do facials bring out the impurities and cause spots afterwards? I dont know whether to cancel it just in case or are they worth it?


Definitely worth it! Any breakouts from a facial rarely last long. And up and out is the only way to clear out impurities which are lying under the skin. Enjoy!

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Im combination skin 2, had a facial and brought out a few spots, 3days after my skin was glowing and make up went on flawless, defo worth it xx