Flat head, no occipital bone


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My client has a graduated Bob no layers at the moment but she would really like a shorter layerd /more inverted Bob. But the back of her head is flat!
The crown is very flat and not rounded at all, which leaves the hair flat in that area. But the occipital bone is practically none existent, so I find it hard to get a nice shape and lift at the back. Can anyone recommend/ suggest ways of creating the illusion that there is a an occipital bone? Or to create a concave without taking the lower half extremely short. TIA


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What’s the density of the hair like?
You’re only going to be able to create the illusion of curves through the cut if there’s lots of hair.
What’s the client like about managing the style normally? Will they spend time carefully blow drying it or just want to wash & go?
Would a perm help to give it more body?
I think it’s not just about the perfect cut, but perhaps managing your clients expectations.


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She does blow dry her hair, and it's okay, I've seen worse but I've seen better haha. She's a fairly new client to me, and I've been growing out a lot of damaged hair, so it is getting a better quality and thicker. She has a reasonable amount of hair, but if quite limp naturally. Perming isn't an option at the moment because of the condition of some sections of the hair.