Foils on a 14 year old


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Hi everyone, I've had the parent of a 14 year old girl contact me enquiring if I could "dye her daughters hair blonde". Initially I said no as I won't do on scalp services to someone under the age of 16. However, after seeing a picture of the colour her daughters looking for, I think I could achieve it by putting in a bunch of back to back foils. I'm still not sure about this though, any thoughts?


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I wouldn't do it personally but check with your insurance just to be on safe side


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I know a lot of teens have their hair lightened or coloured during the summer holidays but it’s up to you if you want to go ahead.
I wouldn’t personally because I think it sets a precedent and makes it more difficult to turn down other young clients who you suspect will be awkward and find fault afterwards.
Also, you’re unlikely to be covered by insurance because all colouring products including lightener state ‘not to be used on persons under the age of 16’ or similar wording and all insurance policies include a statement about following manufacturers instructions. (Catch 22)
Oh gosh my mum coloured my hair when I was about 10 blonde box dye ! Terrible I know
I think 14 is when I started seriously to have some highlights I personally don't see a problem,there so grown up at that age, as long as her mums happy I would, but do advise that there is an upkeep!xo

Young girls are becoming more hair and make up conscious now.
I’ve coloured my own daughters hair at 14/15 and friends but never a paying client as I wouldn’t feel comfortable. But it’s definitely a sign of the times now!
My 12 year old is starting to wear make up which I never thought I would allow, but she was last one to get it in her crowd.


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Whether it's a sign of the times or not, you have to be so careful! If that little girl has an allergic reaction, and worse case scenario has an anaphylactic shock, do you think your insurance will cover you? Also her parents probably wouldn't think twice about suing you! So just ask yourself is it worth the risk?
Bad news travels a lot faster than good news, that could be enough to destroy your reputation! Just be careful and definitely check your insurance policy.