For those making their own nail domes

I'm attempting to make my own dome. I just need to know when to add glitter. I'm doing it in two separate layers, the first layer is just the clear resin and has my logo in it. Once that hardens some, I was told to pour the second layer. Should I mix glitter in with the resin before I pour it or should I pour another clear layer and add glitter after it has set a little? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Lisa x
Not really sure what a nail dome is???

Ask twinners!


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Hi I was wondering if you made your nail dome and how it turned out? I am interested in making my own


I don't use a nail dome and instead opted for a step and repeat background with my logo as an alternative. I made my own logo and had it sent to be printed on a semi rigid 30x30 plastic board.