French look, smile line with gel?

I have been reading thru your tips on getting a great smile etc. (well everything really hehe. and what a fab site i must say :D) but they all seem to relate to acrylic products, have i missed some for gel? and if not do you have any tips? im finding it hard o create a thin natural looking french manicure look?
thanks kayleigh

I always do clear gel, then a French pink then paint the White on the tip, be as slap dash as u like, even go half way down the nail then clean brush and wipe out to create your smile line. Hope that sounds right. It's just a nice sweep semicircle shape, will then just cleanse brush again to make neater, hope this helps xx
I would do the white gel first, once you have created a rough surface on the nail plate I find you can manipulate the white better , I find if you put clear on first it has the sticky residue still there and it runs into it and goes a bit see through! xx

The gel I use (biosculpture) has to have the sticky layer in order for the White to stay on, never runs or goes see thru so guess it depends on gel xx
I use bio sculpture. Clear then pink then white. I bought the french brush and it does make it easier. Use this brush to apply white gel then a little bit of clear gel on the cleaned french brush and wipe to create a nice smile. Hope this helps :)
thanks for all of this info guys! will great practicing later:wink2:


It depends on what gel I'm using. I love Akzentz Gel which is a self leveling gel. With this I always prep nail, bonder, the the white. I apply the white with a cocktail stick which I find great for forming the smile line. Then if it needs it I will tidy up with swiping a brush to give it that crisp look. I then apply a French pink and take it upto smile line, then a clear over the whole nail. Xx