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Jun 9, 2012
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Blackburn, Lancashire
Hi Guys,

after being forced into doing Law for the past 2 years by the family business, i now refuse to do something i hate :( I have always loved hair and beauty, doing my own and friends and which to start it up.

As im 19, i only now qualify to go back to college for adult courses or do training separately. I simply cant stop working as i cant afford it so these would need to be evening courses, thats fine.. but im trying to work out the fastest route.

Basically, im looking for some info from people juggling training with work and getting started up. And weather college is the best option or other training is.

thank you x


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Apr 24, 2012
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County Armagh
I dont understand what you mean by you only qualify to go back on an adult course? You can still go do the NVQ2 and 3? and you can still apply for student loans? Contact hours are around 16 a week so still time for a part time job :)

If its what you really want to do, call local colleges and look into it further. I have a degree in a different field and am off in September to college with a class of mainly 16/17 yr olds to retrain in beauty and I am so looking forward to it. I also have a daughter and I currently work but will be looking different hour once the course starts. Thankfully all FE training is free in the college I am going to :) So all I will have to pay is for my kit and uniform :Love:

Good luck!

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