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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
hi, first congrats to all the excel winners - specially ruthie - who's been so helpful to me.
right first nail polish... i have a small home salon and stock a small retail supply ie solar oil/files/hand creams... but no polish (keep getting asked though) at present only have about three clients max per week (gutting for me) so i dont want to splash out loads on a big collection...but need a display and polish set type thing...creative of course...what can anyone recommend.
2ndly... a local beautician who has just opened a salon offered me a room to rent as whilst i was having eyebrows done mentioned that i want to get a salon some where - i love it at home but are not getting the clients aware im in a village... so 1. the only thing i do she doesnt in the nails side is nail art and creative...what im worried about is when customers can come in on the days im at hers ..they come to me..I would then be nicking them... and all those sort of probs.
3rdly... i so want to do the l&p copurse at creative too but need more customers to pay for it...vicious circle type thing... also want to register for nvq at milton keynes creative....
aggh could scream.. sorry in a black hole today.....


Jul 26, 2003
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Hi Jen

Make sure that you think it through carefully before going ahead with renting the salon space, as you say there are all sorts of problems involved with treading on each others toes - especially as the beautician already does nail treatments.

Speaking from my own experience, I jumped at the chance of renting space within a beauty salon and now I wish that I'd given it more consideration. I feel really frustrated that I can't carry out manicure/pedicure treatments because the salon already does them. I can only do nail extensions and nail art. As someone on the board said in a reply to one of my posts "it's like a hairdresser advertising cuts only, no colour or perm etc..."

Maybe you could ask in a hair or tanning salon that dosn't already do nails if they would rent you some space. Also, when discussing rent see if you can maybe get it at a reduced price for the first month or so - just until you build up a few clients, I've found myself paying out more rent than what I've made in a week.

This is only my point of view, but I'd stick it out at home if you've got a nail room, maybe consider an extensive advertising project, special offers etc.. to get more clients.

Whatever you decide I wish you all the success in the world but don't do what I did and jump at the oportunity without giving it too much thought and then regretting it.

Good Luck :thumbsup:


P.S. I desperately want to go on a creative course too but need a few more clients to pay for it! :(
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