Full scalp bleach to ombré help!


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Jan 26, 2016
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Hi Guys,

I’ve got a client who has full scalp bleach now wanting a more natural ombré look. I’ve been out of hairdressing for a little while now due to health reasons. Her natural base colour is about a level 7. I’ve attached photos of her current hair colour and what I’m trying to achieve.

I need some advice on the best way to go about colouring over the bleach, I’m not very confident on the idea of pre pigging and then going back in to with my darker colour as I feel this would be a bit messy. I’m really concerned about it looking a bit greenish!

My client literally doesn’t want the dark to throw off a lot of warmth. I heard you don’t need to pre pig with Matrix Colour sync? Would love to try it but nervous as I’ve never used matrix before I normally use wella. Can someone recommend the best & simplest method of achieving this colour without it being too warm



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Aug 11, 2011
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West Cork, Ireland
The pictures you posted show a root stretch look (level 5) probably using a balayage technique to place and blend the colour. They also have a darker skin tone than your client, so you need to bear this in mind too.

You mention having a break from hairdressing so have you done this type of colouring before or had any training on balayage? It is a bit tricky to get the hang of it if you don’t do a class, but not impossible. If you’re not too confident, get hold of a headblock and keep practising. It’s the soft blending of the colours together that you need to master.

If she’s paranoid about warmer tones, don’t go lower than a 6 at the root (it will fade to a 7 as it grows out) and use a deep egg yolk gold to pre-pig. (Add some orange to the mix).
If you don’t pre-pig you risk green tinges especially as it washes out. You can add the pre-pig colour straight into the tint mix, depending on the colour house you’re using but I haven’t used Matrix for a few years so I’d be wary of not pre-pigging.

Again, if you’re not totally confident of the outcome, you need to do some strand tests to check how it takes.


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Nov 13, 2018
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Hi, I did something very similar to this on Tuesday unfortunately forgot to take pictures I was new to Schwarzkopf igora royal and one of the girls at my work recommended using it as I work with aveda. She said she used a lot of normal bases for this kind of thing. I used 1/2 6-0 1/2 7-0 and did a root drag and then your best bet for the ends would be to tone them down out conditioner on the ends so you don’t get any sploges or anything on there. She is very white blonde so you may find you might need to put some warmth in the root drag but just say to her for the first time round you may be a little warmer at the root than what you hope but this is the way forward or other wise she will be khaki green and that takes forever to budge as it has happened in my hair before! Hope this is help ful any questions please ask x

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