Fully reclining beauty chair


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Hi folks
Can anyone recommend a fully reclining beauty chair - not a bed - but able to lay flat
Not sure this actually exists, as the base would need to be fairly weighted in order to balance the chair when reclined.
It’s a space issue, so want one that has a small surface area when not in use


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Thank you Trinity, but I want one that is effectively a chair, but when necessary will lay flat ...... the nearest I’ve seen is s barbers chair, ‘Dainty’ by REM but it doesn’t fully lay flat!


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Hi Redstar,
I have seen a "scorpion art electric massage couch" Alan Howard supply this model. It is so expensive, However when I worked salon based we had a non electric model whch hardly took up any room at all. We did eyelash treatments, make-up , electrolysis and it was a very versatile couch/chair.
It's pricey , but may give you all you need. Solid base etc..


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