Gaining confidence in hair extensions


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I've recently become qualified in several hair extension methods but I am a totally nervous to actually start applying them. I'll be first to admit the training was not thorough and has left me unsure on a lot - placement, rows etc as we didn't ever fit a full head. Only 2 or 3 rows at the back.

I'm looking for advice on how to gain confidence. I have no plans to start charging until I am 10000% confident in my ability - whether this takes a month or a year. But I'm unsure how to go about this. i have a dolls head for practice which I've been using, a few friends want to be models for hair cost but I'm petrified I do it wrong and waste the hair they've paid for!!

Can anyone offer any tips or advice? I want to provide the best service I can for potential customers. ]

Thank you.


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What has helped a lot of people on here with placement, sectioning, rows is posting pictures of every time they do a client/dolls head to show us to critique until it's perfect.

There is a Facebook group called help and advice for professional hair extensionists , it's fab I've gained lots of advice and tips from it xx


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Be prepared to spend some money. You’ve got to speculate to accumulate so buy some hair to practice full heads on your block. You can then remove it all and try again. You’ll find most people won’t even pay for the hair to begin with. You could find some friends/family who maybe don’t even want extensions but will let you fit some for practice and so you can get photos for feedback, as said above. That way you can practice half heads and 3/4 heads so it costs less. Just fit, photo and remove.