Gaining confidence in hair extensions


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I've recently become qualified in several hair extension methods but I am a totally nervous to actually start applying them. I'll be first to admit the training was not thorough and has left me unsure on a lot - placement, rows etc as we didn't ever fit a full head. Only 2 or 3 rows at the back.

I'm looking for advice on how to gain confidence. I have no plans to start charging until I am 10000% confident in my ability - whether this takes a month or a year. But I'm unsure how to go about this. i have a dolls head for practice which I've been using, a few friends want to be models for hair cost but I'm petrified I do it wrong and waste the hair they've paid for!!

Can anyone offer any tips or advice? I want to provide the best service I can for potential customers. ]

Thank you.


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What has helped a lot of people on here with placement, sectioning, rows is posting pictures of every time they do a client/dolls head to show us to critique until it's perfect.

There is a Facebook group called help and advice for professional hair extensionists , it's fab I've gained lots of advice and tips from it xx