Gel Bottle inc lamp?

Gelish or The Gel Bottle Inc.

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I’ve recently been trained by gelish now I’m seeing The Gel Bottle Inc has good reviews, do people recommend staying with Gelsih products or try Gel Bottle inc? Also would the Gelish 18g led lamp cure The Gel Bottle inc products?

I’m in the same boat! I’ve seen a few techs on insta use the sun uv 3 with gel bottle. They seem very reasonably priced (too good??) have you managed to sort a lamp yet? X

Hiii! I know that the gelish 18g lamp works to cure it! I’m not sure about any others!x


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How do you know that the 18g cures non-Harmony gels and GP? Did you make tests in a laboratory?


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My tech uses the CND led lamp and that cures gel bottle x