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Nov 5, 2011
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Hi All,

Completed my NVQ Level 2 nail tech course in February and since then I have been practicising like mad before I finally went out into the big wide world.

I think I have been doing fine I am getting a few clients now and most of them have all rebooked 2/3 times, Rome wasnt built in a day.

I do find most clients are asking for Gel Polish, Rockstar/Twinkle Toes and crystals and so forth and all this I am now very confident.

However, the one area that I feel I am letting myself down is Gel Extensions, I use NSI builder gel and cant seem to get the extensions to last very long.

I now will only do these for free as I am not happy to offer a service that I don't believe is good enough.

My routine is:

Ensure natural nails at right length and if required file down, taking particular notice of the corner of the nails and filing them round

I use Vanish to do the cuticle work

Remove shine from natural nail

Dehydrate nail

Attach tip

Dehydrate nail again

Double prime the nails

I very thin layer of gel

Cure 2 mins

1 layer of gel building apex

Cure 2 mins

1 layer from apex pulling forward ensuring I cap the nail

Cure 2 mins

1 thin layer of gel

file and buff using my turtle once happy with shape and side walls

Glaze n Go

however, what I have found this time is the edge of some the nails appear dirty I am presuming this means I am not capping the nails properly - any advice?

On one of the nails the gel seems to have cracked - why would this be? Was the gel not thick enough?

I did think this was the best set of nails I had done but this has happened after 4 days.

Would really appreciate any advice anyone could give me.

Many thanks



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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
The dirt can get in between the layers of gel and therefore be impossible to get to

When doing gel nails I seal the edge with every layer and it helps prevent this as there's just more of a barrier there then x

New Nailz

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Jun 12, 2012
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Somerset, UK
Are you sanitizing both yours and your clients hands before you start?

I use scrub fresh to cleanse and clean the nails, aswell as dehydrate.

Are you removing the shine from the tip before applying the gel?

When applying a tip, I usually use a buffer and go over all the nail and then scrubfresh!

Are you allowing the primer to dry before adding Gel?

Are you making sure most of the gel is in the centre of the nail, and not too much on the tip?

Are you leaving a margin around the cuticle and sidewalls?

Are you making sure no dust is left behind?

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