Gel nail lamp recommendations?


Could anyone recommend a good gel nail lamp to use? Currently using a Sensationail one however it seems to be on the blink. The polishes I use are: OPI, Gelish, Sensationail and Halo Gel therefore the lamp needs to be compatible with these polishes.



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Have a look at the pinned post about lamps at the top of the Nail threads. It explains why one lamp won't cure all those brands - despite what the seller may try to tell you. It is not just down to wattage of the lamp. Remember, gel can appear cured at just 50%, but over exposure to under cured gel causes allergies. So that means you need a lamp recommended by each brand that you use. It might seem like a big expense, but in the grand scheme of things it's definitely worth it :)


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I also use OPI and Gelish and I have the proper lamps for both of them. They are both excellent lamps, produce a good result, and comply with the manufacturers' instructions. Sensational is not a professional product, and according to what I can find, Halo does not require the use of their lamp, but makes timing recommendations based on the wattage of the lamp. That would seem to say that either the OPI or Gelish lamp would suffice for Halo.

That said, Beautiful you makes the all important point - use the lamp recommended/required by your brand. Anything less is not in compliance with manufacturers' instructions, invalidates your insurance, and exposes your client and especially you to uncured gel. The lamp(s) is the backbone of your gel polish system. Don't cheap out on it.

Thanks for the advice! x


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Halo now do their own 48w smart lamp x


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Halo now do their own 48w smart lamp x
It isn't actually their "own" lamp though. On the Pure Nails website they are selling two SUNUV lamps - the SUN 3 for "professional " use and the SUN 8 for "occasional" use!! This doesn't fill me with much confidence that they are a professional brand.