Gel problems

Mrs Rae

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Hello geeks!
I have a client who has recently switched from acrylic to gel. Never had an issue with acrylic but the gel just won't last. Following all correct application procedures and I am at my whitts end! None of my other clients have this problem and I don't really know where to go from here as I don't want to loose her as a client. I have recently been using hard gel with her and have done overlays as well as extentions and it has made no difference, wondering if a gel polish maybe would work as I have also tried biab or am I just waiting my time?
Any insight to why this is happening or advice going forward would be greatly appreciated.
Love max


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I can't wear Gel it's just not strong enough and it peels off.

Why switch the product if there were no issues?

No one system is perfect for everyone, thats why its preferable to be a 'full service tech' - that's one who is trained in all systems, then the decision about the type of enhancement/extension is made with the client actual needs not the techs only used system.

I'm assuming you do both so switch back and keep her