Gelish chipping


I am qualified in gelish and have done a lot of nails since and I’m getting mixed results. Some people come back with 2-3 weeks no chips and others they only last about a week! My routine is -

Remove any polish on the nail
File nails
Dry cuticle work
Then buff the nail very lightly
Then brush over the nails with a dry brush to remove any loose bits
Cleanse the nail
Dehydrate the nail
Scrub the foundation
Dry brush
Colour X2 curing for correct times in 18 g lamp
Top coat
Then remove tacky layer

I make sure I cap the free edge on all layers and sometimes use structure gel but find that doesn’t really help unless I use two coats!

I don’t know what else I’m doing or if it’s me or if it’s the way clients are caring for them after. I always offer aftercare advice and give a free oil.

Any advice would be great, do you think it’s just luck that I’ve had some people come to me who haven’t got strong nails or look after them?

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Looks like you are doing everything correctly and it may just be the client.


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Your steps seem to be correct. But a couple of other factors to consider maybe....
When you are capping, are you doing this thinly, or are you creating a slight bulge at the free edge? - this can cause chipping.
Also hand placement in the lamp. If the client is pushing their hands too far into the lamp, there's a bit of a dead spot right at the back and the light cant fully penetrate the free edge.
If it is just her or a couple of clients that you are really struggling with chipping, first try structure gel over your colour (thinly capping) and if that doesn't work, try using pro-bond (harmony acid free primer) JUST on the free edge area before your foundation. Removal will take slightly longer in this area but it can help with chippers when everything else has failed. :)
After all that considered - it may not be you! Look at which fingers are chipping. It's more likely what the client is doing with them if it is always the index and say thumb on their dominant hand.


I guess it could be capping the free edge too thick but then surely I would have this issue with everyone? If it was too thick would the bulge be very noticeable? Thank you for your advice x


Can you tell from any of these if the free edge is too thick? Thank you x



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Can you tell from any of these if the free edge is too thick? Thank you x
The red burgundy (bottom right) looks like it might be too thick but it’s difficult to say without seeing them in person x