Gelish coral colour?

Hi geeks has gelish got a coral colour ?

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They do, you can check below. I've linked it for you.
Passion (01331) and I'm Brighter Than You (01559) are corals.
In fact, I'm Brighter Than You is almost identical to Coral listed in the Pantone colour guide :D can't get more true than that.

Colour List Below:

Gelish Colour Chart

P.S. colours on charts vary from different computer screens/cellphones. You'll never know for sure until you test it out.

Thankyou :) x


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Depends which shade of coral you are looking for.
Passion is a pinky coral (more so on the pink side)
I'm brighter than you is a neon therefore very bright coral
Sweet morning dew is a pale peachy coral
And tiger blossom is also another bright but more orangey coral.

I don't know how else to explain the colours 😄

Here's a pic of sweet morning dew ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1397072129.982274.jpg

And here's tiger blossom

I don't have any pics of the others at the moment though sorry. :( x
Have a look at this guide Gelish Swatch Gallery / All Gelish Colors. It's got photos of all colours separated into sections
This is a great guide. I just had to bookmark it for future purchase reference. I thought Fashion Week Chic would've been way lighter!


From the look of these swatches, Sweet Morning Dew looks like a true coral if that's what you're after.
I would say tiger blossom is an orange coral. Passion to me is just a pink!

Laura xx

I would say tiger blossom is an orange coral. Passion to me is just a pink!

Laura xx
Lol to me tiger blossom is just orange & passion is a true coral colour!!

See, what one person thinks as 'coral' is completely different to what someone else thinks!!

Left Carnival hangover
Middle Passion
Right Tiger Blossom.

I've got A Petal for your thoughts on and that's coral to me ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1397143417.158028.jpg
Passion looks a bit pinker than this