Gelish or OPI Gel polish ?


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May 11, 2012
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Leven, Fife
Hi, All my Nail and Beauty Prof's, This is my first time using forum and it looks great, What a lot of support out there. Its great. I have loads of questions - After being out of the business for 12 yrs I have now just started up again but this time as a mobile nail tech instead of a beauty shop ( due to my lovely 3 yr boy ). I'm looking to choose my gel polish range but stuck, I had my heart set on OPI gel polish as this is what I was impressed with at the Beauty Show this year but since I have been using it ( nail inc colour ) it just not as easy to put on or giving as good a cover as the Gelish I have been using. What eeverybody's thoughts on this matter ? Also i'm looking for a bucket bag, I was on a course on monday and the tutor had a pvc see through bucket bag with loads of pockets around it and lots of storage in the middle but can't seem to find it anywhere ? Well i'm sure I will be on this loads so happy thinking xx

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