Gelish Structure Gel


Yes it does, so allow extra time, when i soak off when a client has strucutre i know i can buff over the surface of the Gelish more whiich soeeds uo the removal process
Thank you Bev, I have bought my first Gelish , which I am trying out on myself first. and wondered if I should get the structure gel as well. i think I will if I am happy with Gelish.


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I have 2 pots of Structure on the go but in one I mix a tiny bit of Sleek White to get that natural free edge nail colour which is great for hiding any imperfections or creating a natural looking sculpture.
If I extend with it I use 2 coats of structure to get more strength.
I have also put silk/fiberglass into it too.

Great stuff.


I have applied structure on my thumbs and index fingers to give more strength. I'll see how it goes. I then used 2 coats of izzy wizzy over the top looks stunning!:Love: