Generic training


Can I please check, I have booked on a "spray tan" course at college, it's just a generic thing no name given yet. Will that be okay for me if I start tanning both for insurance and if I was to use Suntana for instance (I don't need suntan training do I?). If anyone could help I just get brushed off at college " yeah the course is fine you will get insurance" but I'm concerned that their courses won't be adequate and I may need specific training with brands.

Thanks, lou


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I did generic training and Salon Gold are happy to insure me to use whatever brand I want to use. (Most tanners experiment until they find a brand they prefer, or offer more than one).

Your course will probably be better than a brand specific training. If you were to train with a brand they would teach you about their products (as well as how to spray) but you can get most, if not all, of this extra info from their website anyway and presumably your course will spend that time with more hands on which is far more important.

Oh thanks very much everyone!



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Just make sure that your training covers all the aspects of tanning but also machine maintenance and care as that is important to know and sadly often gets neglected x