Get well soon Lavender Blue!!


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I spoke to Elaine on the phone last night and the poor woman is suffering atm.

She has got flu big time and her son and daughter are also very poorly. It was like a chorus of walrus's over the phone with them all coughing. Poor Elaine has only one lung so she suffers more than most.

Elaine has a big exam on Friday at Uni and needs to be well enough to attend so can we all send positive get well vibes her way and keep fingers crossed that she recovers in time.

:hug: to Elaine and her Family :hug:

Bev Rose

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:hug:Elaine hun, I'm sorry to hear your all poorly.

Bigs hugs to you all and hoping you are soon feeling better - good luck for Friday babes:hug::hug:


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Hope you feel better soon hun :hug:

Good luck with your exam xx

Klassy Klaws

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Heres some sunshine to make you feel better:hug:
Good luck on Friday xxxx


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Hoping you feel lots better soon and wishing you lots of luck with your exam :hug: xx


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Nightmare, poor you. Get well soon hun :hug::hug:xx


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poor u's!! get well soon babes!!:hug:


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I hope you will feel better soon xxx


Hope you feel better soon Elaine , I did wonder why we hadnt seen you about for a while, good luck for friday too:hug::hug:

Haze x


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Good luck for the exam and sending you positive thoughts! :hug:


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Get well soon hun, good luck friday...xxxxx

Ruth Mills

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Hope you feel better soon Elaine. You're totally fab, I still remember the Tantrick spray tan you did for me :)


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Awwwwwww get well soon Elaine xxxxx:hug:


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Hope you're feeling better soon. :hug::hug::hug:


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Aww Thankyou to you all. You are all so lovely.

Er Rachel................. I will deal with you at a later date!!!:lol:

I did manage to do the exam. I just did it and then went home . Its done with now , so I can get back to my sick bed!!:rolleyes:

Docs say I have pneumonia, but personally I think its the flu, but who am I to argue with a doctor! I do know that I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy.

Thanks again all.

I will be back soon.

Love Elaine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:hug::hug:


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Can you put in a "covering letter" so that if you don't do as well in the exam as in your course work they will take it into account and increase the marks? This happens for pupils at school if they aren't well.

Now it's over I hope you get a good rest. xx