Getting back into hairdressing


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Hi guys,

Hoping for some advice. I did my NVQ level 2 hairdressing at college way back in 2014 but once qualified struggled to get work in a salon to help progress in the field, so I gave up.
I enjoyed doing hair when I was learning and have always wanted to get back into it but I don’t really know where to start.
I’m currently self employed as a beauty therapist and am building up my business but as I’m self employed I’m fairly flexible.
What is the likelyhood of any hairdressers helping me or are there refresher courses I can do to help me get back into it again?
TIA xx


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Level 2 only really covers the basics in cutting and colour so I recommend either doing your level 3 or completing more advanced classes via your local wholesaler. Ideally, you also need to learn about colour correction and advanced colour techniques as fewer clients just want simple bleach highlights or root touch ups.

If you can afford the time and the fees, I strongly recommend the Sassoon ABC 1 week courses in London. They’re intensive but absolutely the best training. However, you’d probably benefit from them more when you’re got a bit more experience as they build on your level 2 knowledge so it helps to be comfortable with the basics.


I would definitely go for the NVQ3, I got a 24+ loan to do mine so you don’t have to pay it back until you earn over a certain amount plus it’s interest free, it’s basically designed for people that are qualified in a trade but need to get a higher qualification in order to gain employment. I learned so much doing the level 3, I started working for myself afterwards and was so much more confident, I had a full diary most weeks and there wasn’t much I couldn’t tackle when it came to colours and styles! Also you’ll find pretty much every salon wants you to have level 3 otherwise they probably wouldn’t take you on. Good luck with it though, if you need anymore info drop me a message xx


Im feeling the same! I am looking for courses now to get back into it but I dont feel like I remember enough of Level 2 to go into a Level 3?!


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Thanks for the advice, I’m investigating the possibility of doing my level 3 and since I found all my old college folders I can read up and refresh myself if I can afford to go ahead xx