Getting bikini wax from male beautician?


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I'm getting ready for my wedding day and my beautecian is male. He is best for bridal make up dressing all.. I usually goes to his saloon for normal wax except bikini.. but now I need to do bikini waxing and he offers goodsl reasonable package for makeup and waxing ( Brazilian / Hollywood ) . Is that comfortable male do bikini waxing.? I'm confused .. is that normal I can get my bikini wax from this guy ?

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It's totally normal to have both male and female therapists. Sexist much lol.

What you probably mean is, you are uncomfortable having an intimate wax from a male? I understand that and the therapist has probably dealt with the same issue from others too. Maybe phone the therapist and have a quick chat to decide either way, they maybe put your mind at ease.

As the client if you don't feel comfortable, book a different therapist for that treatment.