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Hi, I started up properly doing my mobile manicures and pedicures and have added nail art too, i have put out some leaflets with a 10% voucher attached, ive advertised on my local advertising sites, put some flyers up in local shops and added to as well as having a website..
Ive had a few customers so far, but 2 of them were through a neighbour (her mum and daughter) and my other one was through a leaflet my husband gave out at work. My next door neighbour also comes and has hers done regularly - she was my case study through college.

Ive also said to people that if they refer a friend, they get 20% off their next appointment.

What else can i do to promote my business? Im going down my local high street nxt week to give out flyers as well...

I know i wont get loads of business until ive done my nail extension course but really want to try and get what im doing now picking up.....

Missy G

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Hi,I know exactly how you feel hun im in exactly the same boat as you,have just started up my own mobile buisness two days a week,although i am doing overlays too,i have given out 500 leaflets,ive had one booking for a pedicure this week and a text for acrylic nails ,but i dont do acrylics,ive also advertised in shops and post offices,but no sign of no more calls,im wondering if its because im not very flexable,due to me having another job and having to do a school run,lets keep our fingers crossed together,may be its just that time of year,i did read a thread the other day saying some peeps buisnesses have gone quiet at the moment,good luck and let us know if it picks up :)x


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hiya Debbie & Emily,
I rent a room at a chiropody clinic and work 2 days a week. Tuesday I do 1pm till 8pm (my mother in law picks my son up) and Friday I do 9.30 - 2.30.

this week I had NO clients in Tuesday, and luckily had 4 clients in today, but 2 of those were only booked yesterday.

when I mentioned this to the chiropodist's receptionist, she said that this month is always their quietest. So, phew! relief! not take it personally.

I'm spending the quiet period printing off a newsletter and sending it off to 70 clients to remind them that I'm here.

I'm going to be renting a second room above a hairdressers in a different location, possibly starting next week. Bit frightened.:eek:


I have had the same problem too, given out a couple of hundred leaflets offers etc today i had a leaflet through my door with the same sort of offers so i am guessing things are quiet cos summer has gone and winter is coming!! hope it picks up soon though


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this is really good, like brain-storming.
what about (remembering the advice from sassy)
start your flyer with
don't hibernate, come and have a winter warming treatment with XXX
Hot Stone Massage
Special offer price - expires end of oct


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I've just told my existing client (who travels 10 miles to come for her reflexology treatment) that I will be renting a room in her home town.

I thought she would be ecstatic, but she just sighed and said, "oh yes, we get flyers posted through our door all the time, telling us that a new therapist has started at that premises" in a World-weary manner.

Felt really deflated, as a) thought she would be happy to transfer and b) I'm being lumped with all the other therapists that have been at the premises before.

the owner has always employed therapists for mainly beauty/waxing/nails, and I only do holistic therapies plus I'm renting, so own boss.