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Jan 12, 2003
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Recently there was a person who wanted to sell 27 pots of powder that she no longer wanted as she "didn't get on" with any of the many systems she had tried.

Advice was given to try as many systems as you can to see which you "get on" with.

As much as I appreciate that this person finaly "got on" with a product line I love, I really have to say that I don't think that this is very practical advice to give to any new person joining the industry or any old person who has been in the industry. Who has the money or the time for this???

When you say you are not "getting" on with a product what you are Really saying is, the product is not performing how you want it. It is not fulfilling your expectations.

Why not just do your homework, and go for the products that have a proven record of success? Success in competitions! ... what do the most successful people in the industry use? ... What do the people whose names are in the spotlight use? .... Who offers the best education and with what product line etc?? This is not difficult information to get hold of.

Surely this is a much more sensible (and much less expensive) way to go about choosing a product line that will help you acheive the success in business that you want??
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