Ghd's, this may be a stupid question

but are they bad for your hair? I have Coriolis ones at the moment and I've read up on different brands and a lot of them like cloud 9 have temperature control.

This makes sense to me, different temperatures for different hair types. I normally only straighten mine on a really low temp, about 120 degrees. So why don't Ghd have this option? Is it really necessary? So many people still highly rate them so I just wondered what people thought.

GHD have there own heat protector so i guess they dont bother with a temp. Setting im guessing. I love tigi's catwalk sleek *mistique* (the red can) lol its light and adds shine so little goes a long way


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This is from the GHD website:
Independent scientific research* on the effects of heating hair show that hair enters ‘the glass transition phase’ when heated. In this phase hair can be shaped (styled) and will retain its shape once it cools.

The temperature of the glass transition phase can vary according to environmental factors and the moisture content of the hair, but our ghd scientists have found through extensive research that 185oC is the optimum temperature for the styler to achieve the most styling benefit in the fewest strokes.

If you style at temperatures below 185 oC it will often take many passes of the styler to achieve a good result and this is more drying to the hair than styling in one pass at 185oC. Styling at temperatures above 185 oC exposes the hair to unnecessary heat. And, at temperatures above 215°C, the keratin protein in the hair starts to melt, causing irreversible damage.

* Sources: The Advanced Experimental Medical Biology Journal 1977 p.329-334; a study by Mitchell and Feughelman published in the Textile Research Journal 1967; Biopolymers p371, 81, 2006 and The Science of Hair Care 2nd Ed 2005

**So basically their position is that by straightening at a lower temperature, you will be more likely to have to keep going over the same hairs and therefore cause more damage...

I have one of the books they referenced, and had a quick read. As they mentioned the ideal temperature will depend on the moisture content of the hair, so it will depend on your individual hair. If you are getting good results at a lower temperature, without repeatedly straightening, then I would carry on.

I think the problem with temperature controls in general, is people turning them up too high!
Yeah I would agree, I know a few people who have my straighteners and they constantly have them on 235 degrees! :S I read the Ghd information but I didn't really believe it. Hair isn't one size fits all. :)


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What heat are ghd's? I thought they were 220?

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What heat are ghd's? I thought they were 220?

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GHD gold are 175°C - 185°C, GHD eclipse are 185°C