Gift voucher and 20% off first treatment offer

I have an introductory offer which is 20% off your first treatment.
I also sell gift vouchers.
If a client purchases a gift voucher for a friend who has not come before (new client) for £20, I will take 20% off their treatment price and apply the gift voucher.

If a client decides to purchase a gift voucher for a specific treatment for a friend who has not come before, I charge the full price as the treatment name is written on the gift voucher.

If the gift voucher recipient returns, should I give them 20% off their first treatment?

Hope this makes sense!

Thank you.

House Beauty

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No need, the buyer bought something they needed for a set price.

You could do something like a free upgrade as a surprise when the buyer comes in and say as a little thank you for recommending me.

Gift vouchers aren’t an offer they are literally buying a gift for someone. The person visiting hasn’t paid a penny so giving them a discount for the sake of it won’t make any difference to them. Just focus on booking their next visit.


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If the gift voucher recipient returns, should I give them 20% off their first treatment?
No, because they are technically no longer a ‘new’ customer as they have already received a treatment from you.
However, you can choose to offer a free upgrade to the treatment or maybe a couple of free product samples when they leave.

I like @House Beauty’s suggestion of a little extra something for the client who bought the voucher (assuming they’re already an existing client), because that’s similar to a ‘refer a friend’ type offer.

Thank you both for replying. In the past I have had the new client who has come with a gift voucher asking if they would get 20% off their next visit, so far I have said no as it's their second visit. I just wanted to make sure that I'm not being unreasonable.

I do offer a £5 voucher when a client spends over £30 on a gift voucher. The £5 voucher is valid until the end of the next month to encourage the client to book in again. I specialise in massage, so a larger proportion of my clients will book in ad hoc.

Thank you x