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  1. Sallie ford
    does any of u lovely lot know much about glamlox , I've been looking at the web site today there 6a Russian /Mongolian is a good price
    But is it any good?
    As some of u are aware that I've had issues with my previous supplier to which I've been in contact and aren't getting no where I've given them photos like requested the hair looks vile but according to them it's in good condition even the pic of the itip breaking down
    It's now time to go elsewhere with a new supplier xxx
  2. jennywren2302
    If you don't mind me asking could you tell me your ex suppliers name ..? Private message me if you'd prefer. Xxx
  3. Rehanna

    hi misses hope your well, did you decided to use there hair? ive opened an account with them today, just wanted a few reviews before I ordered xx
  4. Sallie ford
    Hiya beaut I'm good ta beaut yes there hair is fabulous really really nice x.

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