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Nov 7, 2023
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Long Ashton, bristol
Morning all

So I am looking to go into teaching, found a company that provides a level 3, perfect!
I’m with the guild and they provide a yearly cost to be accredited which they say will then cover all the manuals and the online theory which is great but when I read through their information it looks as though I have to pay an enrolment fee per student (£25) and the cost of the manual (waxing £90) has anyone used the guild to do their accreditations with? I’m not sure if I’m reading it correct but it looks as though I pay a yearly fee then the £115 per student for the manuals etc and I can’t see how I would make a profit. I’ve tried to email them, not got a response so will ring next week but thought I’d put it on here to see how others have gotten on doing this!
Many thanks for any advice or knowledge that can clear up my confusion


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