Going self employed


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I’m going to be starting self employed in a months tome (I’ve been employed in a salon for about 4 years now) and I’m excited but also a bit terrified! Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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Hiii will you be salon based or freelance ?
I went self employed for the first time 4 year ago and rented a chair 1 year later I opened my own salon. It will be the best thing you do
Always be professional when you market yourself and never cheapen yourself. If you do people will expect it. Always look after regulars. - complimentary treatment when they recommend someone maybe 10% and maybe a opening promo to get bums on seats but I wouldn’t do more.
Also I would always keep a good stick in if your regular colours. Bases. Ashes etc whatever you use most of.
When I set up I originally gave myself a target. My employee wage plus my new rent and costs and once I made that I knew I was in a better position than previously. After that I saved my profit
Always always keep track of bills after you have taken them I find this the best way. A in and out sheet works fab. Money in (bills) money out. (Rent. Stock)
I hope that helps a little anything else feel free to give me a message x


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Just wondering, are you choosing to go self employed or is this your boss’s decision because your boss can’t decide to change the nature of your employment situation without your agreement and you could be losing out on pension contributions, sick pay, maternity rights etc.