Going to check out a room today - Advice please.


Hi Guys, I have finally found a room (infact two) available within an established hairdressers. The previous therapist had to leave due to a change in her circumstances and hair clients have been enquiring about treatments ever since - so looks pretty promising. I have spent the week checking out rooms to rent in complemetary therapy places which have all been too expensive and with really dated decor.

I just want to make sure that I cover all the points with the manager when I see the room. I will be asking about rent, opening times, if I can open when they are not there, use of credit card machine and fees, minimum notice to give one another, telephones, reception, advertising within the hair salon, parking, treatments and prices of previous therapist, display of my retail products, use of their receptionist, a contract!!!

Can anyone else think of anything else that is important. Thank-you!:)