Goldwell Elumen advice

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with the steps to using Goldwell Elumen? I have been pink for 5 years now and was at the end of my tether with fading colours that wash out unevenly and constantly colouring every two weeks and then someone recommended Elumen. Yesterday we tried it for the first time but read varied instructions on how to apply. Firstly we bleached up my roots and dried hair, then put the prepare on. Then we told to dry the hair without rinsing which left it feeling very sticky and straw like. Then generously applied pk@all and wrapped in cling film and left for 30 mins. Then washed out twice without conditioner ready to apply 40ml of lock which we did. However my root hadn’t taken as well as the rest and round my front hairline was blonde?!?! I reapplied pk@all for half hour and repeated the lock. It’s better but still not as pink as the mid lengths and end! Plus my hair feel the driest I’ve ever known it! I do hope you can help as thought Elumen was the answer to my pink hair prayers! Nicky x


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Firstly, did you buy it from a Goldwell Rep as it’s only sold directly to salons, so if you’ve bought it elsewhere you can’t be sure it’s the genuine article.

I purchased it from a wholesalers in Italy


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It’s normal for freshly bleached roots to be different. Are you a qualified hairdresser?

No I’m not. I own a salon in Benfleet Essex and have two stylists working for me but neither of them have used this before

We currently use Montibello


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Did you anti oxy after the bleach?


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I used Elumen at college years ago so my memory is hazy but aren’t you supposed to shampoo it out then apply the lock?

Yes, so bleached up my root, washed dried and applied prep which we then dried in, then colour for half hour wrapped up. Then washed out but no conditioner then lock for 5 mins. Roots round my hairline we’re still blonde so had to re do. But the prep left my hair so sticky and dry. Not sure if after bleaching root is need to pre colour with a crazy colour pink then wash and do prep etc